Brazilians In The UK After Brexit

As of recent, the United Kingdom left the European Union (EU) on 31st January 2020.

Having been an important milestone, some British people took to the streets of London to celebrate the event, on the same day a projected clock on Downing Street (the official residences and offices of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) marked the occasion.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson mentioned at the time that it was the “beginning of a new era” with the promise of “real national renewal” after 47 years as members of the European Union.

Some Brazilians (with EEA dual nationality) have shown concern for the personal immigration statuses in the UK post-Brexit. With the question pondering in their minds: And now José? Despite all the discussions and theories presented in the media, for those already in the UK with status, there will not be a lot of change. This is because the governement aims to retain the rights of those EU citizens residing in the UK, including those with Brazilian dual nationality and thier dependents.

The Home Office have introduced the ‘EU Settlement Scheme’ allowing for those EU nationals and their dependents to register for their status under UK Immigration law. Applicants can register as ‘settled’ if they meet the 5 year continuous residence period. If they do not meet this, they can register as ‘pre-settled’ and they will be given the opportunity to obtain 5 year continuous residence. Once obtained, they can re-apply for ‘settled’ status. This application does not bear any costs. It is important to note that all EU residents must apply for a status within the 1 year anniversary of Brexit.

For those Brazilians without dual nationality that are looking to enter the UK, there are many routes which enable them to do this. For example, Investor, Start-up business, Innovator, Student, Family Member, etc. It is important to note that the leave to remain after this will depend on the original entry.