We are determined to protect our client’s interests in any contractual dealings – from start up to multinationals, all businesses require expertly drafted documentation whether it is in the form of partnership agreements, shareholder agreements or joint venture agreements. At Addison and Khan Solicitors, we specialize in providing practical advice on commercial agreements, and operational matters and our client family is spread across a wide range of industry sectors.

Our lawyers possess legal insight and expertise regarding the understanding of technicalities involved in a business. Our advocates are trained in defining the terms & conditions of agreements in a concise and comprehensive manner to their clients which ultimately aims to acknowledge them of their interests.

With all the knowledge that our team has accumulated over the years, we will ensure that the client’s business objectives are met. We hope to achieve this by working closely with the clients and understanding their perspective as efficiently as possible.

We advise on all sorts of commercial agreements, including:

  • Consumer Terms
  • Distribution & Agency Agreements
  • E-Commerce
  • Franchising
  • IT Agreements (Including Software Development, Software Licensing, Cloud Computing, Hardware Procurement and Web Development Agreements)
  • Joint Venturing and Partnering
  • Manufacturing Agreements
  • Outsourcing
  • Services Agreements
  • Supply of Goods Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions

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