At Quantum Law Associates, we deal with almost all types of family and children related matters; including divorce, divorce-related property and all the applications under the Children Act 1989. We have expert family law solicitors that are here to support you on all your legal matters.

Our Family Law Services include:

  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Injunctions
  • Mediation
  • Child Arrangement Orders
  • Financial and Property Issues and Disputes
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Divorce, Separation and Civil Partnership Dissolution


It is often a difficult and emotional time when a relationship breaks down. There may be financial issues that need to be resolved, issues such as what will happen to the family home and how money in bank accounts will be divided. There may also be issues such as who the children will live with and how often they will see the other party.
Our Family Law department and divorce lawyers can help you resolve these matters in a friendly, patient and honest way. If you are looking for the top divorce lawyers London based, look no further.

Our head of family law, Moshiur Mian is a solicitor with over 10 years’ experience in family law issues.

Finances / Property Connected To Divorce

After a divorce, there are often disagreements related to property ownership and who should have possession over certain items associated to the property. One party may agree that starting court proceedings would be the best option to set a definite and fair agreement.

Quantum Law provide the best service in this area through mediation to court proceedings to get the highest possible share for our client regarding the disputed property of finance.

Child Disputes

Very often the breakdown of a relationship, whether it be a marriage or cohabitation, can bring with its difficult choices regarding child care matters. There may be issues regarding the other party wanting the child to live with them or seeking more time to spend with the child. There may also be side issues such as taking the child abroad or moving the child out of the area altogether, making regular contact with the child difficult.

If the matter cannot be resolved amicably then an application to the court is required. The application may be for a Child Arrangements Order which will state whom the child should live with or how much time they should spend with the other party. The application could also be for a Prohibited Steps Order or Specific Issue Order. These are orders preventing the other party from doing something such as taking the child abroad or changing the child’s surname without consent.

We are very much aware that child law matters will often be the most emotionally draining types of cases. We offer a personal and supportive service as child dispute services UK based, with honest and realistic advice from our designated family team. The entire department has extensive knowledge in all the above types of cases. We are here for you, so you get the best possible child dispute resolution for you.

Domestic Violence

The domestic violence statistics from the office for National Statistics March 2018 showed that an estimated 2.0 million adults experienced domestic violence during that year.

We offer support and advice regarding obtaining injunctions to protect you and your family from violence or the threat of violence from others. If this is a family type situation then we can obtain what is known as a Non-Molestation Injunction from the family courts to protect you all. The other party does not have to be told about you seeking the injunction. Once you have the injunction in place the other party will then be told as will the local police to ensure you are protected.

On occasions we can help you obtain an order to prevent the other party coming back to the family home that you may have both shared thus giving you sole occupation of the property for a period of time. This is known as an Occupation Order and can be obtained regardless of whether the property is in the sole name of the other party.

On the other hand, we can represent a party that finds themselves in a situation where allegations of violence have been made against them by way of a Non-Molestation Order or they have been told they cannot return to their family home, having been served with an Occupation Order.

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