Junior Associate

Lucrezia joined the legal team at Quantum Law Associates in September 2018. Having acquired a Bachelor’s in European and International Law at Maastricht University, the Netherlands, in July 2016, she is well versed in the legal field.

After acquiring her LL.B, Lucrezia moved to Spain where she discovered the world of business first-handby working for the international consultancy company Deloitte acting as the regional coordinator in the HP project for all of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Lucrezia was first exposed to the immigration field when she worked as a marketing and communications researcher for the NGO Street Child. Following this, she joined the International Cooperation department in the NGO TECHO Costa Rica; whereshe specialised in managing immigration projects between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Since joining Quantum, Lucrezia has specialised in Spousal visas and family matters, EU immigration, and British nationality. Having lived in different countries, she is well versed in the complexities of immigration laws allowing her to provide a global perspective, and she is consequently very passionate regarding this subject.