Senior Associate

Sunny has been working in the immigration sector for 4 yrs. He is a highly skilled and experienced caseworker with particular knowledge of Tier 2 work, family settlement and Tier 1 entrepreneur applications.

Sunny has developed a strong client base of UK businesses on account of unrivalled experience in obtaining sponsor licences, and is the ‘go to’ for businesses with Tier 2 enquiries. Sunny obtained his Degree from the University of Westminster before passing the OISC level 1 exam and joining QLA as a Caseworker.

He previously worked at Hatton Cross Immigration and Asylum Hearing centre, as well as at Isleworth Crown Court, both  of which gave him valuable knowledge of criminal and immigration law in practice.  Sunny’s close proximity to the Judiciary gave him an invaluable insight into how cases are managed and how best to present cases in Court.  Sunny is known for being direct with advice and his problem solving skills, and his perseverance in obtaining successful outcomes on behalf of clients is his key strength.