We have extensive experience in assisting businesses both in the UK and worldwide.  A sponsor licence allows you to offer jobs to foreign migrants, these can be potential candidates already here on a student visa or candidates from outside the UK.  We will advise you on the merits of your application for a sponsor licence, as well as how to manage this licence as it is very important you understand the responsibilities.

The Home Office take sponsor licences very seriously and we therefore make sure you as a business know what you should be doing.

We understand that your business is your main priority and that as business owners, you have little time to spare. That is why we undertake full responsibility for your application, including visits to your business property and compliance analysis. We go above and beyond the requirements of the application to minimise any chance of a negative decision and to ensure a favourable outcome is as speedy as possible.

Before you can offer work to most foreign nationals you must have a Sponsorship Licence issued by the Home Office. This Sponsorship Licence will give your business the freedom to recruit internationally for the best candidate possible, however some categories of people will not need to be sponsored.

By holding a Sponsorship Licence the employer can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) to suitably qualified workers.

Key Personnel

As the holder of a Sponsorship Licence you are responsible for your foreign national employees. There is a system in place called the Sponsor Management System (SMS) which allows certain allocated people to manage the sponsorship process. Each employer must allocate certain key personnel who will all have access to the SMS after the Sponsorship Licence has been granted. These people include: a) authorising officer b) key contact c) level 1 user and d) level 2 user.

We are committed to ensuring that your business is fully briefed on the stringent requirements of the Sponsor Management System (SMS) through providing a bespoke compliance service to guarantee you continue to meet the scrupulous needs of the Tier 2 system.

Resident Labour Market Test

The employer sponsor will also need to undertake the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) before being able to offer a job to a foreign national worker. Employers can advertise jobs in two ways either for a continuous period of 28 calendar days or in two stages, where both stages together total 28 calendar days.

To advertise, employers must use two methods, one of which may include online advertising with Jobcentre Plus. Further, the actual layout of the advertisement must meet certain requirements and contain specific information such as the job title, main duties and responsibilities and salary amount amongst others.

Quantum Law Associates will be able to assist employers to ensure they are able to meet the RLMT requirements and that job advert content, length of adverts and method of advertising meet stringent Home Office requirements.

There is a Register of Licenced Sponsors list available on the Home Office website.

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